The Best and Worst Holiday Foods For Your Skin

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The Best and Worst Holiday Foods For Your Skin

It’s that time of year again where the snow is falling and many plates of different foods are being prepared for the holidays. Many of us don’t even stop to think about what these foods are doing for us, or even to us – especially to our skin. With so many tempting foods around the holidays can mean straying away from our usual good eating habits, but weight gain and poor nutrition aren’t the only things you might worry about.

Many of the items that we eat directly affect our skin’s appearance! A lot of the food people make during the holidays is laden with sugars and fat, and these types of ingredients can make your skin look far from its best. These sugars and fats cause your skin to product more oils, resulting in unwanted blemishes on your skin.

For some of us, this time of year is our favorite; Family gathered around a Christmas tree, or celebrating every night of Hanukkah with loved ones. It can be advantageous to take a step back from that gingerbread cookie you are about to put in your mouth and think about what you are ingesting and how it is directly affecting your skincare. You should focus on the treats that are unavailable the rest of the year, and eat them in reasonable proportions without overindulging. We will break down some of the worst, and some of the best types of food you should be eating this holiday season.

The Worst Holiday Foods

There are a few foods you should most definitely stay away from, or limit your intake of this holiday season.

Egg Nog 

Egg nog is a classic drink for many of us this holiday season, and with the added alcohol it can be a favorite for many, but this drink is among the worst for you in terms of fats and sugars. One cup of Egg Nog has 10 grams of fat, which is about a sixth of the daily recommended amount if you’re consuming the standard 2,000 calories a day. One serving also has about 20 grams of carbohydrates (5 teaspoons of sugar). if you must drink this sweet, thick and creamy beverage, try enjoying a small serving instead of filling up on it!

Holiday PiesHoliday Pies Are Full of Sugars and Fats

Pies of all kinds are usually a central part of any holiday dessert. Pecan pie, cherry pie, apple pie with ice cream, chocolate cream pie…the list goes on and on. Although pies are a delicious after dinner treat, they are among the worst holiday foods you can indulge in this season. The flaky, buttery crust is mostly white flour and shortening. Then there is the sugary filling. Apple pie filling can have 22 grams of sugar per serving. One pie recipe from Martha Stewart calls for 1 cup of sugar, or 201 grams! If you absolutely must have pie during the holidays, have a thin slice of Pumpkin pie – the filling is high in vitamin A and fiber, which promote skin health – and consider leaving the crust behind

Creamy Dips

Some type of creamy dip is usually a staple at any holiday party, but the ingredients usually contain high-fat ingredients such as mayonnaise (one tablespoon = 10 grams of fat) or cream cheese (one tablespoon = 5 grams fat). Instead go for shrimp with cocktail sauce or salsa and corn tortilla chips.

The Best Holiday Foods

Eat A Lot Of Raw Vegetables!Now that we’ve gotten the foods to avoid out of the way, its time to move on to the good stuff. There are many foods out there that you can eat this holiday season without worrying about how much you eat, and you can look forward to having your skin maintain its healthy glow.

Raw Vegetable Appetizers

There are many raw vegetables in a wide variety of colors that are used as appetizers during holiday parties, and they are extremely good for you and for your skin. By eating these, you’ll be ingesting a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Carrots, for example, are rich in beta carotene and vitamins A and C, which improve your overall skin health.

Nuts and Sunflower Seeds

Nuts and sunflower seeds are among the healthiest small snacks you can ingest during the holidays. They both contain a high amount of vitamin E. You should also try brazil nuts if you have the chance as they contain selenium, a mineral that improves your skin elasticity and can help battle skin infections. Nuts also contain Omega 3 fatty acids.

Foods that contain Omega 3 Fatty AcidsFish is High in Omega 3 Fatty Acids!

Foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids, such as fish, help reduce redness in your skin and help preserve your skin’s collagen which is responsible for keeping your skin firm. The top source in Omega 3’s in fish such as salmon, tuna and lake trout.

Foods that Contain Zinc

Zinc in foods can help reduce inflammation and bacteria production. Foods such as cocoa, chocolate, spinach cashews, avocados, blackberries and turkey contain zinc. Bonus: Chocolate also has flavonols, and antioxidant that helps to fight free radicals and sun damage, which keeps your skin looking younger and more radiant. But keep your chocolate portion small – no more than one ounce.

We know that you may not be too concerned with what you are eating this holiday season and you already plan on gaining some weight and losing it over the new year, and there is nothing wrong with that! Eat what you want, when you want it, but keep in mind that everything you are ingesting has an effect on your body, whether positive or negative. The foods we have listed as the “Best Holiday Foods” should be consumed more than the bad ones, and you will notice results in your skin. With any good skin care regimen you should always have a good skin care product to go along with whatever else you are doing to keep you skin looking great, so take a look at the Nerium AD Age-Defying line of products and the new Nerium Firm body contouring cream while you are here and take your skin care to the next level! We hope you have a safe and lovely holiday season and we wish you all a Happy New Year!!!


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